Hauts-Fourneaux B

Hauts-Fourneaux B is a big abandoned cokes factory. After being abandoned the place started to decay. Eventhough all the stuff is still there and pretty sturdy, it really got destroyed. This is because thiefs that want to steal the copper also visited this place. It is noticable because all the electricity cables in this location are stripped or cut off.

The location is really big and can easily take a whole day to explore everything on it. We were there for about half a day and explored maybe 30% of it. The terrain is about 355.000 km². In the past the terrain was about twice as big but half of it got demolished.

After exploring we went in the big tower on top of the blast furnaces. It was sketchy to climb it because all the steel it was made from was either rusting, rotting away or just strong enough to stand on. Every step was a gamble to take. Once we were completely at the top, the view was great. We could see the whole city.

We came back later and explored the other part of the terrain. After looking in some buildings we found a control room. Everything was there. The massive wall with the lights was beautifull to find there. The control room was not very big but the special thing was that most of it was still there. It really shows how big the factory used to be and how many machines where operating there.

To enter this location you don’t have to climb or do difficult manouvres. It is really easy to find the entrance. If you have walked around it, you have probably seen the entrance. Be careful because there are camera’s on the terrain. These are located at the original main entrance of the terrain. We don’t know if they are still being monitored but better save than sorry.

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