Crooked Farm

This farm gets its name from its appearance. Everything is crooked in and outside of it. It’s an awesome small urbex location to explorer.

The farm was build in 1960 and was left abbandoned for an unknown time with an unknown reason. We think it has been abbandoned since the 80’s or 90’s. The reason why we believe that is because we found a newspaper in the farm shed. In the newspaper was an add selling 80’s cars.

Next to that it looks like it has been empty for a long while. There was no furniture left. Everything was empty and the basement was flooded. The stairs going up where not what they used to be. There was a big hole between the first set of stairs and the second going up.

Attached to the back of the farm was a big shed where the animals where kept. The cribs for the animals where still there. Attached to the side of the farm was a toolshed. The roof was collapsed and trees were growing inside the sed. Everything here was crooked too.

The farm was easily accessible after climbing around the fence at the entry. After that we could enter it around the back. The front door was closed and will never open again because the crooked front of the house was resting on the door.

We don’t think that the building will be there for another couple of years. Looking at the state it is in, it will collapse in a few years. The walls were beginning to tear and the roof was beginning to give in. It will be a matter of time before the building will collapse we think unless the owner will demolish it. But we don’t know if the owner is still alive and who the owner is.

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