Freeman Finance

We didn’t know much about this finance office when we came here for the first time. It looked like it was an old financial office. Later on, we found out it has been abandoned since 2014. Unfortunately, there’s not much left of what it was but to our surprise, the building still had power.

The finance office wasn’t optimal to get in unseen. It’s next to a busy road and the policestation is around the corner. Nevertheless, we got in after a bit of climbing. Once inside, we saw what a mess it was. We then went trough the whole building and found lots of paperwork.

On the third floor we found lots of mold on the walls. We also discovered there has been an electrical fire, which we found really weird because the power on the first floor was still on. After seeing the whole building, we decided to leave trough the same spot as where we entered it.

We don’t know about the future of the building but it is certanly still usable. It only needs some construction and some new electrical connections to be used as an office.

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